Welcome to The Elrod Chronicle

My name is David Elrod, and I’m a writer.  There’s no 12-step process to cure what ails me.  It’s an addiction I’ve had since I was nine years old and began writing short stories and poems that I kept tucked away in a notebook under my bed.  It took me years to share what I had written and were it not for the encouragement of two beloved teachers, I may never have advanced beyond that notebook under the bed, but here I am.

While I have yet to be published in a traditional sense, I’ve been blogging on my personal blog for about ten years and have even posted some stories and chapters from my novels there, but I decided that I wanted to split the writing from my personal anecdotes and I created this blog to exclusively share my fictional writing.  This is where I will post drafts and experiment with different approaches to stories.  Your feedback is most certainly appreciated.

If you’re wondering, I write in the literary genre, but I do have several stories in the science fiction genre.  My favorite book of all time is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.  I loved the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson.  Neither of these books are in the literary genre, but my interests are wide.

I have more story ideas than I will ever finish in my lifetime, but that makes it exciting for me.  I love getting wrapped up in my characters.  I get so wrapped up in them that I often think they are real, and I miss them when my stories are done.  So far I’ve written three complete novels and I’m currently halfway through my fourth one.  I also have countless short stories that I’ve written over the years.

I hope you find what I post here to be entertaining, and I hope you take the time to post constructive feedback.  I’d love to have a good dialogue about the stories as I think that would be the most intellectually stimulating way to engage with readers.  Until then, let’s get started!

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