I Saw You First

I saw you first. Young and beautiful with a smile that lit up the room, you walked into my life and right past me as I stood dumbfounded and curious with my mind fluttering in the wind. I watched you across room and sit at the other end of the long table.  I became impervious to the conversations around me. The room, filled with excited conversations, introductions, new friends, and old friends, hung in the balance around me, but I lost myself in your smile and the easy way you conversed with those next to you, the ebb and flow reminded me of the surreal ocean tides in the glare of a gorgeous sunset. I wanted to meet you, talk to you, and get to know you better, but that night was only a preview, a precursor of things to come. Great things.

I saw you again, later but not so late that my heart burst unfulfilled. I sat closer to you and we chatted briefly, amicably, two strangers trying to draw an outline of our connection. I felt it immediately. I hoped you did too. An electric moment that sparked and briefly illuminated the space between us. Would a fire burn or fade unable to catch on in the hurried pace of judgment, a million tiny decisions that left unchecked could have overwhelmed the possibility. The night passed and filled the bucket of hope, a million tiny drops bubbling with excitement.

I wanted to see you again. The moment came fast, two more-than-strangers roaming the bright city streets pulsing with the revival of spring, a reprieve from a long winter. That spark, that space between us, it lit up like a camp fire that finally takes after many false starts. It started burning steadily that night, strong enough to illuminate a version of us, one that would persist and glow ever brighter.

I had to see you again. You filled all the space in my thoughts, drenched them like a warm spring flowing gently over smooth rocks. We’d never been alone together; we were always in a crowd. I had to know you better, see you for who you were, dance in the bright light of your smile, relax in the warmth of your beauty. Once alone with you, I knew. Your touch, your embrace revealed a world of possibilities.

I saw you again and again, and each time my feelings for you grew stronger. Like breathing, our connection came easily, effortlessly. A truth exists when there’s no argument against it no matter that only two can interpret it this way. It only takes two.

I saw you first. I loved you from the beginning. At first I loved the idea of you and then the reality of you. In no one has the dream and the reality become so much the same. I love you until my last breath. The beginning and now are but a sign of things to come. Great things.

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