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I dabble in all sorts of writing.  I have a personal blog that I’ve maintained for over ten years that has mostly personal anecdotes but does have an occasional story buried in the blog roll.  I prefer to write in the literary genre, but I have been working periodically on a science fiction trilogy that chases the idea of cloning gone awry to the point that it changes the entire evolution of the human race and eventually puts it in danger of extinction.  Most of what I have is a bunch of scenes that I’ve written, but I do plan to put it into a coherent series at some point.  I like to have at least two or three things going at once to avoid burnout on any particular work.  Here’s one scene from the series.


Agent Edwards pressed his back against the wall. The door was to his right. His bulging arms formed a V in front of his body where his hands tightly clasped his gun. If he still sweat, he thought, he’d be sweating profusely right now, but his body felt oddly lukewarm and dry to the touch. He kept his gun below his waist pointed to the floor with his left hand and raised his right hand near his face to give the signal to his team to hold their places. He waited for the signal to make its way around the corner and down the corridor. They couldn’t use any form of electronic communication or the Luddites would know they were coming. They had to move in quickly and in unison to ensure the mission was successful. Operation Exterminate was that big.

He looked across the other side of the door at his second in command, Agent Flynn. Like himself, Flynn was the perfect embodiment of a modern-day law man. His with his angular jaw, close-cropped haircut and piercing stare, Flynn emanated tough. His bulging biceps looked like they were going to rip apart his short-sleeved shirt if he moved too quickly. Flynn was stout, like everyone on the force, but he was also deadly fast. Men like them kept the peace in modern society, and they were about to put an end to a decades long war with the unsuspecting terrorists who were squirreled away in the bunker behind the door.

The signal came back that everyone was ready. Edwards nodded off a three-count as Flynn stood before the door with his gun pointed in front of him. At the third nod, Flynn lifted one powerful leg and thrust it into the door breaking it from its jamb and splintering it from its hinges. The force flowed in behind him with a swiftness that was almost un-humanlike.

The Luddites were caught unaware. In the main room straight in from the entry door, a bunch of them sat in a circle around a candlelight as if in a prayer. Edwards saw them immediately once Flynn had broken through the door. Edwards and Flynn fired off a flurry of shots hitting each of them in the head and killing them instantly. The other agents filed down the halls of the labyrinthine bunker and Edwards could hear the shots ringing out throughout the hallways.

Edwards stayed behind while Flynn flanked one of the other agents and began to sweep the bunker. He looked down at the dead Luddites. Blood had splattered all around the walls of the room. He had to make sure that the brains were adequately destroyed. He approached each of the bodies and fired more rounds into their heads eviscerating their brains. Blood splattered up and speckled his arms and his neck. When he was done, the Luddites’ faces were unrecognizable as human.

“Goddamn,” he thought, “this could be the last of them.”

He could still hear the shots echoing through the bunker, but he suspected that none of the Luddites were still alive. He couldn’t hear any grunts or screams, so he assumed that his agents were ensuring that all of the brains were destroyed. He couldn’t afford the risk of the brains being transplanted. The Luddites had to be exterminated. This forced extinction had to be absolute if the world was ever to be at peace. The President of the United States of America had convinced the United Nations of this and thus set in motion of the order that backed up this mission to exterminate the last remaining Luddites that had been holed up around the world.

Once the secret order was agreed to, the CIA and other agencies around the world identified the locations of all known Luddite cells and planned a simultaneous operation to seek and destroy. All of the terrorists were to be killed except for children under the age of ten. Luddite children were to be detained and shipped to a secret prison in a remote location in northern Canada. The children were more valuable alive than dead, and besides, their minds could be changed.

Flynn walked back into the main room. His arms and chest were speckled with blood. His head swiveled back and forth as he surveyed the massacred Luddites in the main room as if he were looking for some signs of life.

“We have the all-clear, sir,” he said to Edwards.

“Any children?” Edwards asked.

“None, sir. It seems only adults were placed here.”

“Damn it! We need to find the children. I know there were some with this cell. Our surveillance indicates that at least ten children were living with this cell.”

“Sir, the cells interoperate. Maybe they moved them to another cell. If they did, our colleagues in other raids got them. We have all the cells identified, sir. No one will escape.”

“Search the place for any evidence that we can use to track the kids or other cells. I get a little nervous when we’re so confident in our intelligence.”

“Sir, the entire world is monitored. Even the most remote areas have sensors that are tied into our intelligence network. There’s nowhere to hide. It’s impossible to escape us.”

“I still don’t believe that. Back when I started my career as an agent, our intelligence was always imperfect. I can’t believe that technology has filled in all the gaps. Something just doesn’t seem right.”

Flynn laughed and shook his head. “When did you start your career? 2012?”

“Yes. That was my rookie year.”

“That was eighty fucking years ago. A lot has changed. We know everything now. These goddamned Luddites refused to change with the times and look what that got them. Have a little faith in our abilities, will you.”

Edwards bit his tongue. It was no use arguing with Flynn. He was born into an age when all this new-fangled technology was pervasive. He never lived life without it, so he couldn’t imagine what it was like before the network was all-knowing. Still, Edwards could not help but be a little uncomfortable. Peace and the very way of life in the world depended on the Luddites’ extermination. Once they were gone, the world would finally enter a golden era of peace and prosperity just like old George had promised.

“Are we all clear?” Edwards asked aloud to Flynn and the others who had drifted back in the main room.

Flynn looked around and chatted with an agent who had just entered the room. Edwards tried to read his lips, but couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. From behind Edwards, another agent confirmed that all was clear. A few moments later, Flynn confirmed as well.

“Let’s get all agents out and bring in demo,” Edwards demanded.

The agents cleared the bunker as swiftly as they had entered exiting through the broken door frame and down the corridor to the outside. Other than the pounding of their boots on the floor, they left quietly. The demolition team poured in after them and quickly prepared the bunker to be destroyed.

Edwards and Flynn stood outside of the old apartment building that served as the Luddites’ bunker and de-briefed their commanders. Yes, all of the Luddites in the bunker had been killed. No, there were no children in the bunker. No, they didn’t think anyone escaped because all entrances and exits had been covered. No, the Luddites didn’t make any communications before the ambush. It was a total surprise.

The agent crowd had begun to thin by the time the demolition crew was ready to destroy the bunker and burn all of its contents including the bodies of the Luddites. Flynn had already left, but Edwards stayed behind to watch. Thinking back to his rookie year on the force, he could remember the outrage felt around the world about the treatment of terrorists, and now, he was unceremoniously burning the obliterated bodies of terrorists in their own bunker. No one seemed to have second thoughts. The world had changed a lot in eighty years. Fucking George.

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