Inspiration Lacking

Sometimes, life gets in the way of writing rather than providing more fodder for the constantly-churning mind that turns everything into a story. Sometimes, I sit in my chair and I don’t feel like writing at all either because I’m distracted, disgusted, annoyed, or a little bit of everything except inspired. It’s hard to break through in those moments because the very thought of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard seems so anathema to anything else I’d rather be doing, but it’s important to let those few moments fade into the past and find inspiration on another day.

I’m fairly regimented in my writing habits. I sit in the chair for at least an hour every morning and write, but I don’t let my habits govern my work. I may write something entirely new on any given morning or I may edit work that is in progress. I find editing helps me get around those mornings when I’m not inspired, but I can only do so much editing before I’m ready to move onto something else.

If I still find myself at a loss during my writing time, I try listening to music or reading a book. Sometimes that helps me find inspiration, but if I still can’t break through, then I walk away. I don’t force it. There’s no reason to write insipid and uninspired prose because that does no one any good. There’s always tomorrow. There’s always another moment of incredible inspiration that makes me want to keep writing for a whole day, and when that happens, I’ll take advantage of it.


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