Ada: Episode 3

Shane hovered over her momentarily breathing heavily and covered in a sheen of sweat. His predictably big, bright smile beamed as he struggled to catch his breath. Without a word he flung himself down on the bed beside Ada and let out a groan as if he had been injured. Ada stared at the ceiling with a half smile equally spent and exhausted. She ached in the most pleasant way.

Three weeks. That’s all it had taken for them to have sex. Despite her youth Ada had always been adept at swatting away the advances of aggressive men. Her beauty had often made her an object of desire of many men who mindlessly pursued her with the most indiscrete intentions. She’d grown keen to this tendency early on and often toyed with it like a cat toys with a mouse. Of course, it helped that her mother had provided her with a textbook case of what not do with her endless foray of failed, abusive relationships. She swore she would not be like her mother. She couldn’t be. She was too smart for that.

Shane’s breathing receded and slowed, but he said nothing. Ada glanced at him and watched his eyes flutter shut and open lazily as he stared at the ceiling. She found it odd when he was quiet since he was rarely so. He seemed to always be talking about something whether it was the latest deal at his work, his travels, or the winless ways of his favorite team, the New York Jets. She realized she enjoyed the silence with him more than the constant conversation. She had found the one thing that shut him up, and it humored her. She giggled.

“What?” he asked groggily.

“Nothing,” she replied embarrassed that she had giggled out loud.

“Come on, you can tell me. Was it not good for you?”

“It was great. I just thought of something funny.”

“Are you going to tell me?”

“It’s something silly.”

Shane rolled over on his side to face her, but Ada remained fixated on the ceiling above her, ears burning from embarrassment. He wrapped his hand around her cheekbone and pulled her face toward him. “If we’re going to be in a relationship, you have to tell me everything,” he said. His voice was suddenly serious and demanding but still quelled in the afterglow of sex.

“What? Are you serious?” Ada asked. She looked for a crack of a smile to indicate he was joking, but nothing betrayed his words. He simply scrunched his lips together in a judgmental frown.

“Yes, I’m serious. If I’m going to trust you, then I need to know everything.”

“Trust me? We’ve been going out for three weeks. We just had sex for the first time. That’s a little much, don’t you think?”

“No. I don’t. What were you laughing about?”

An intense anger suddenly flooded her body. The pleasure evaporated and left her cold. She quickly shifted away from him toward the edge of the bed and scanned the floor for her clothes. She peered down the hall where her pants and shirt rippled along the carpet like items tossed from a speeding car. She felt exposed as she stood up in all her nakedness and retrieved her clothing.

“Ada…Ada…,” Shane started as she walked away.

She grabbed the last of her clothes in the hallway and ducked into the spare bathroom to get dressed. She could hear Shane talking, but she ignored his words. His voice rose with each successive word, but nothing made it through to her. She was angry.

Finally, Shane knocked at the door. “Ada.” The knock startled her.

A grim look consumed her face as she patted her hair into place in the mirror above the sink. She ignored Shane until she was satisfied that she no longer looked like she had just had sex. She washed her hands and dried them slowly before she opened the door.

Shane stood there naked and limp. She looked him up and down but remained determined to stand her ground despite the distraction of his taught and chiseled body. “I need to get home.”


“I’m meeting Jenny this afternoon.”

“You didn’t mention that this morning when we met for breakfast.”

“You didn’t ask.”

“So this is how it works? You tell me what you want to tell me and leave me in the dark about everything else?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about? We’ve been going out for three weeks and you give me a lecture on trust…” Ada started. Shane gave her an angry look like he was about to explode. She’d seen that look before on many of the men her mother had brought into their lives. It angered her as much as it frightened her, so she stomped down the hall to get away from him.

Shane pursued her and grabbed her arm just before she reached the front door. His big hand wrapped tightly around her bicep. A crushing pain shot up her arm. “Oww! You’re hurting me!”

“Don’t fucking walk away from me!”

Ada tried to break free but couldn’t. She grimaced in pain. “Let go of me! If you so much as leave a bruise on me, I will go to police!”

Shane seethed, but a cold rational awareness overcame him and he slowly let go. Ada jerked free, opened the door in front of her, and stepped outside. She gave the door an emphatic slam before she hurriedly walked away. She didn’t cry until she sat in the back of the taxi she hailed, and even then, her tears were silent and brooding. She couldn’t believe how her morning had taken a turn for the worse after its promising beginning.

She pulled out her phone and clicked on Jenny’s name. Her thumb hovered above Jenny’s phone number, but she paused. She was in no condition to talk, and she didn’t want to call Jenny all hysterical. She clicked off the phone and stuck it back in her pocket. She’d call Jenny later to see if they could meet up. She needed some time to recuperate and make sense of all that had happened.

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