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Puppy Love

The top of the cardboard box flapped incessantly as if it were trying to fly away. A furtive scratching sound emanated from within the box, which stood about a foot high without its top open. Finally, the scratching ceased and a tiny puppy put his paws on one side of the box and listened for any approaching sounds. He sniffed the air and turned his head wagging his tail as he did so. A tinny whine escaped him. He couldn’t see above the top of the box, but he knew someone was there.

Across the room, a young boy peered around the corner. He scanned the living room, brightly lit in the morning sun, and spotted the box instantly. He heard the whining and he knew what was inside the box. A smile broadened across his face, and he ran the short distance to the box sliding on his knees as he embraced it. The puppy shifted and fell onto its haunches as the boy hugged the box and looked inside.

The puppy stared up at the young boy and yapped his approval as the boy gathered him in his arms and hugged him close. The puppy sniffed and then eagerly licked the young boy’s face resulting in a contagious giggling that continued for minutes. With each giggle the puppy licked more aggressively until the boy was on his back rolling around with the puppy on top of him.

At once the boy sat up with the puppy engulfed in his arms. He took a long look at the little creature, which was all white save for some brown and black splotches around his eyes. He had a fat little belly covered in short hair that still had the pink softness of a newborn pup. The boy kissed the puppy’s head and squealed in excitement. He had the first dog that was just his, not one that he shared with his dad. He couldn’t have been more excited, and the fact that the little dog was just his size made it even more special.

The boy jumped up with the little puppy still in his arms. His blazing copper hair sparkled in the sunlight as he darted out of the room to find his mother. She busied herself in the kitchen making breakfast, and she smiled as her son held the puppy in front of her exclaiming his delight.

Yes, the puppy is yours. No, the puppy cannot sleep in your bed. You have to take care of it. No, the puppy cannot have your breakfast. Please don’t put the puppy on the table.

The puppy wagged its tiny tail as it watched mother and son. Discouraged that the boy had been distracted by his mother, the puppy yapped garnering the boy’s attention once again. The boy nuzzled the dog and hugged it closer. He ran back into the living room with the puppy in his arms and put it on the floor. They played together while his mother finished cooking breakfast. The laughs and barks made the woman smile as she set the table.

Breakfast was ready, so his mother called him away. The boy reluctantly put the puppy in the box, and it immediately raised up on the edge of the box searching for the boy with the flaming red hair. It whined when he walked out of its sight drawing the boy’s attention to the box in the living room as he hurriedly ate his eggs and toast.

Toast crumbs covered his shirt when he stood up from the table and scattered on the floor as he ran back to his puppy. He tilted the box over, and the puppy bounced out of the box onto him licking his shirt clean. The boy giggled, and the course of the day was set. They were inseparable – a boy and his dog.

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