Among the Shadows

Sanjay waited until the bots passed by before he stepped out of the darkness that enshrouded him. The frigid night had settled on the colony darkening all of the spaces between the buildings that spread out from the base. He tapped the screen on his suit and flipped through to the stat screen. The exterior temperature stood at -89 degrees Fahrenheit. He shuddered in the warmth of his suit.

He moved swiftly toward the munitions building and punched in the code to open the door. He held his breath while he waited for the door to respond. He visibly sighed when it opened. Sprockett had failed to remove his access, which meant he likely still had access to the base if he could get past the ever-watchful bots that lingered near the entrance. A nefarious smile gleamed inside the glass of his helmet, one made more malicious by the dim light that reflected off his face.

Sanjay moved quickly among the crates, removing two rifles, a handgun, and several charge explosives that he stuffed in a bag he had brought with him. He slung the bag and the rifles over his shoulder and kept the handgun firmly within the grip of his right hand. He shut the last of the crates but didn’t bother latching them. He didn’t care if anyone discovered he had plundered the weapons. By the time anyone figured it out, it would be too late.

He cracked open the door and peered into the faint light not too far away from the building. He detected no movement, so he stepped out into the shadows. He could feel the charges clanking against his suit and he froze for a moment. He wheeled around looking for any bots that may be approaching but he saw none. He knew no humans would be out in the night, only bots patrolling the area.

He turned in the opposite direction of the collection of buildings and began to trot out into the vast darkness. His eyes slowly adjusted, but he didn’t need to see the path to know where he was going. He had walked the very path many times as he had contemplated his next move. He had to feel his way there because any light would give away his position, and he wasn’t ready to fight just yet. That time would come. Soon.

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