A breath taken,

And exhaled,

Achenes scatter.

Pappus swirl and dance,

Toes tapping on the breeze,

Spinning couples intertwined,

An eternal chasse to a place unknown.

Neither angst nor worry,

Affect its wistful path,

Along the rippling breath.

Once aground,

Roots clasp at the soil,

Fertile or not.

From the darkness,

A new hope arises,

Frail yet strong-willed.

A rich, sun-kissed prairie,

A barren, mossy rock,

A scavenged field,

Yield to determination.

The scape,

The rosette,

The flower,

Feel no urgency for lacking,

Only the fight to survive,

To prosper,

To propagate,

In spite of the whims of chance.


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