My 300th Post

On February 11, 2014, I welcomed everyone to this blog with my very first post. By that time, I had been writing on a regular schedule for almost two years and I felt it was time to put some of my work out into the world. I envisioned this blog as a place to experiment with ideas and share concepts, sometimes incomplete, with others. Although I had three novel drafts under my belt by that time, I was just beginning to find my groove.

A lot has changed in the ensuing six years. I’ve continued to post to this blog. It has evolved as has my approach to writing. I closed down a separate personal blog and combined all of my efforts here. I’ve written several more novel drafts, but my output has slowed dramatically over the past two years. I’ve started and not finished a couple of novels, but I’ve continued to write, even if the stuff I’m writing is just random, personal anecdotes. I’ve played with different ideas and genres. I’ve read more and learned more.

Sometimes, it feels like I haven’t progressed much from six years ago. I’m still unpublished, but to be fair, I haven’t pushed anything in front of an agent in over two years. My focus has been on getting better, and the only way you can get better is through practice. My one writing goal this year is to take a couple of writing courses at a local college, but that has been delayed by the pandemic that has all but ended in-person courses for a while. I’ll consider taking the courses virtually if this continues much longer.

To be honest, the push to get published sucked the fun out of writing. For a while, I was sending stuff out regularly, and if I heard anything back, it was all negative. Even the most positive person can only take so much negativity before it takes it’s toll. I decided that I’d rather write for an audience of one and enjoy the hell out of it than continue down the path I had originally plotted, so I stopped. I even considered stopping this blog and just storing away my work on my hard drive for my own creative outlet, but for now at least, I’ll keep posting here. The fact that I’ve made it to my 300th post constitutes some level of perseverance considering I’m mostly talking to myself.

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