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Middle-Aged Man

Back in the early 1990s, which, if you’ve lost count, was 30 freaking years ago, Mike Myers did a hilarious bit on Saturday Night Live called “Middle-Aged Man”. If you’ve never seen it, take a gander here. This spoof of superhero movies replaces a svelte superhero in impossible situations with a pot-bellied, middle-aged dude battling the mundane. He even had a sidekick named Drinking Buddy played by none other than Chris Farley. SNL only ran the skit a few times, but it stuck with me as one of the more hilarious skits from the show with its ear worm theme song that I can still hear to this day.

I laughed pretty hard at those skits back then. Of course, it’s easy to laugh at an aging, out-of-shape dude gasping for breath as he does the simplest of tasks when you’re just entering your twenties. At that point in your life, everyone who’s not a kid seems old. Nowadays, the laugh’s on me because I’ve become Middle-Aged Man except without the heroics unless you count repairing a toilet after work.

Yep, that’s what I did last night. In the most middle-aged of moments, my teenage daughter, who’s on a learner’s permit, drove me to The Home Depot so that I could buy a replacement part for one of the toilets in our house. I swapped out the part and declared the problem solved capping off what passes for an eventful evening in my life these days. I should have played the Middle-Aged Man theme song as I took a victory lap after the toilet was fixed. I missed an opportunity there.

Now, when I watch those skits on YouTube, they hit a little closer to home. They’re still funny, but I see much more of myself in Myer’s goofy character than I’m willing to admit. Maybe I just need to hit up one of my friends to become my Drinking Buddy sidekick. Let’s make this phase of my life worthwhile or at least worth a few more laughs.

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