Here are the books I’ve written:

The Vanishing – Ella Warfield should be enjoying her golden years with her husband of almost 40 years, but instead she’s on the verge of murdering him, driven to the edge of murder-suicide by the voracious dementia that has turned him into someone unrecognizable and has made her life unbearable. The ghosts of her past haunt her as she creeps ever closer to the worst betrayal of her husband. Will she or won’t she? The debate rages inside her as each opportunity comes and slips away in the internal struggle that threatens to consume her.

All Things Certain – Matt Richards grew up idolizing his best friend Brad. Theirs was a friendship of a lifetime, a bond that would stand the test of time and circumstance, but when Brad moved away to college, they fell out of touch. Years later Brad moves back to their hometown and they resume their close friendship until Matt discovers a secret that ultimately tears them apart. Ensconced in his firm beliefs, Matt refuses to talk to Brad until a tragic occurrence forces him to reconsider what matters most.

That Which Binds Us – Susan Baker refuses to believe that her son is capable of a heinous crime much less guilty of one, so after he’s convicted in a sensational trial, she battles an angry public and her estranged family to get him a second chance until her ex-husband takes matters into his own hands and changes their lives forever.

The Weight of Regret – A terrible accident leaves John Lambert clinging to life in a remote stretch of the Arizona canyons. His only hope to rectify his greatest regret lies in the letters that he writes to his estranged family before time slips away, but their lives were altered in ways that he had never imagined, and his long overdue apology may be too late.

The Fire Within – Bobby Sims is an elite runner from a small town in Kansas who comes from a family of decorated military men, but he wants to blaze his own path and shirks familial expectations to attend Harvard and run for its track team. As he edges closer to his goal of becoming an Olympic runner, the events of 9/11 happen and inspire him to join the Army Rangers where he is deployed to Iraq not long after the initial invasion. A horrific incident leaves Bobby without his legs, so he returns home struggling to deal with his new reality until Oscar Pistorius’ historic come-from-behind victory in the 2004 Paralympic games inspires him to continue his pursuit of Olympic glory in the 2008 Paralympic games.

Origins – Six astronauts embark on a last-ditch effort to colonize Mars before Earth implodes under the weight of climate disaster and social upheaval. Captain Jane Smith navigates the uncertain journey to the Red Planet with a motley crew including a power-hungry former Captain and a stubborn, yet determined biologist, Ava Milton, who becomes obsessed with deciphering a mysterious message in the caves surrounding the future colony. What Ava discovers amidst the chaos of the new colony challenges everything she’s ever believed and puts her on a collision course with Captain Smith as the astronauts become entangled in a power struggle over the future of humankind.

I’m currently working on a novel entitled The Things We Cannot Keep.

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