A Walk Through the Garden

Hope is

A ripple of fresh earth,

An eye of green.

Sunlight beckons

The eye becomes a yarn.

A sturdy stalk,

Thrusting toward the light.

Rain satiates,

And nourishes,

Until a bud becomes a bloom.


The pistil dances above the petals,

Firm and fibrous,

An extravagance of youth.

Warm breezes beget a searing stillness,

The firm wilts,

The fibrous softens.

The ellipsis of decay

Sends one petal afloat,

And then another,

Until only the withered stalk remains.



The path I have traveled,

Runs longer than the one to come.

The potential and possibilities,

Have faded with the sun.

I must traverse the twilight,

Until the darkness makes us one.

The stars shine so bright,

A wistful promise come undone.

Where do I go from here,

Adrift in the darkening sea.

I must traverse the twilight,

Until the darkness makes us one.

I yearn for the eternal hope,

That rises with the sun.

But the finite number,

Makes us all come undone.

I must traverse the twilight,

Until the darkness makes us one.


I wish I could just disappear,

Fade into the tapestry of the world,

Without a worry to my mind,

Or the burden of expectations.

I’d become disembodied,

Fluid and jaunty,

Less hardened and cynical,

Free from governing notions.

Ethereal is what I’d be,

Not in the usual sense,

Nor in the supernatural.

I’d haunt no one,

Observe and be one,

With the edifice of the world.

I wish I could just disappear.

Will you come with me?





A breath taken,

And exhaled,

Achenes scatter.

Pappus swirl and dance,

Toes tapping on the breeze,

Spinning couples intertwined,

An eternal chasse to a place unknown.

Neither angst nor worry,

Affect its wistful path,

Along the rippling breath.

Once aground,

Roots clasp at the soil,

Fertile or not.

From the darkness,

A new hope arises,

Frail yet strong-willed.

A rich, sun-kissed prairie,

A barren, mossy rock,

A scavenged field,

Yield to determination.

The scape,

The rosette,

The flower,

Feel no urgency for lacking,

Only the fight to survive,

To prosper,

To propagate,

In spite of the whims of chance.


The Enchantress

The sun only rises,

When I see you.

The day only begins,

When your lips touch mine.

All that times takes away,

Matters little in your warm embrace.

Deep blue waters,

Jagged snow-capped mountains,

Soothing summer breezes,

The grandest of canyons,

Pale in the light of your smile.

The sweetest flower,

Glimmering in the sun.

The softest fabric,

Electric to the touch.

Winsome contours,

Of the most majestic places,

Whisper my name.

A siren of the seas,

A birdsong in the trees,

My dear love,

You enchant me.